Milwaukie is Poised for Growth

Milwaukie businesses pay less to enjoy the same amenities as their big-city cousins: proximity to a large population and skilled labor force, excellent transportation systems and a flourishing, diversified economy. By the same token, our local companies enjoy benefits that big-city businesses often don't, like stellar customer service from City Hall and exceptional public schools

"Partnerships with the business community to stimulate job growth are a priority for our city." -- Milwaukie Mayor James Bernard, 2004

Already home to many flourishing regional and national businesses, Milwaukie is simply a great place to locate or expand your business. And we have room for more. Industrial/commercial properties ranging from 1,000 to 150,000 square feet are available for sale or lease at competitive rates in four areas of the city. 

Along with that space comes a support network: our competent city staff, backed by the Clackamas County Business and Economic Development Team and the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department. 

Whether it's finding the right site, drafting a business plan, contacting the correct agencies, or finding/training qualified workers - we have answers for you or we can refer you to the right places for them. And in some areas of the city, we can offer incentives to help get your business off to a strong start. Whether you are a business owner/manager, broker or developer, we are committed to partnering with you to find the right site in our city and make your vision a reality. After all, we share common goals: successful commercial districts, expanding employment opportunities, and a prosperous community. 

Take a look at us.  We think you'll like what you see. 

Explore Milwaukie ! 


Milwaukie's Advantages 

  • No sales or inventory tax; no City of Milwaukie business income or payroll tax (see our tax comparison table). 

  • Educated, 300,000+ labor force within a seven-mile radius. 

  • One of the lowest labor turnover rates in the U.S. 

  • Located on four-lane state highways. Excellent access to interstates, rail and nearby international airport. 

  • Ongoing city investments to grow its business base, including McLoughlin Boulevard improvements, Riverfront Park and North Main Street revitalization. 


Other Milwaukie Benefits 

  • Located along the scenic Willamette River, immediately adjacent to the Portland metropolitan area. 

  • Diverse housing opportunities from affordable to upscale. 

  • Active neighborhood associations. 

  • Public schools with a reputation for educational excellence. 

  • Named as one of the 50 best locations in the nation to raise a family. 

  • Accessible and responsive city councilors and government. 

  • Close proximity to ocean beaches, mountains, and the Columbia River Gorge. 


Last updated: 10/03/2008