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Form of Government (Excerpts taken from Milwaukie’s Charter)

All powers of the City of Milwaukie are vested in the council except as otherwise specifically provided in the City of Milwaukie Charter of 1975.  In all instances deemed appropriate by the council, the council may cause an investigation of the administration of any department through a formal hearing or otherwise.  

The council is composed of a mayor and four councilors.  Each council position is numbered one (1) through four (4) and each candidate shall run either for the mayor position or a specific numbered council position.  All councilors are elected from the city at large.  Councilors shall hold office for a term of four years.  No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms as councilor.  

MAYOR. The term of office of the mayor elected in November, 1990, shall be for four (4) years.  Every four years thereafter, a mayor shall be elected at the general election for a term of four (4) years.  No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms as mayor.  

QUALIFICATIONS OF ELECTIVE OFFICERS. No person is eligible for an elective office in the city unless at the time of the election, the person is a qualified elector of the state and has resided in the city during the six months immediately preceding the election.  If during the term of office, the officer ceases to reside in the city, the office shall be deemed vacant.  

OTHER OFFICES. Appointive officers of the city are the city manager, city attorney and municipal judge.  Each such officer is appointed and removed by a majority vote of the entire council.  In the case of the municipal judge, the council may designate a state court to perform the judicial functions of the city.  

COMPENSATION. The council shall prescribe the compensation of city officers.  The council may prescribe a plan for reimbursing city personnel for expenses that they incur in serving the city.


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